ICEF statute

The FOUNDATION constituted with notarial deed by the Notary Carlo Antonio Trojani of ROME the 22nd of May 1992, has the following exclusive name: “I.C.E.F. – International Court of the Environment Foundation”

Among the institutional aims of the “I.C.E.F. – International Court of the Environment Foundation” there are: a) creation of an International Court of the Environment in the most suitable form for the International Community, with the guarantee to give access not only to the States but also to individuals and to social organizations; b) for matters relating to international environmental crimes, the creation of an ad hoc International Environmental Court of the inclusion of these crimes within the competence of the already constituted International Criminal Court; c) promotion and support of an International Centre for the Prevention and Management of Environmental Conflicts; with proper technical and technological support; d) support and co-operation with national Governments, with UNEP, FAO, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union for studies and research, also for operational projects, in virtue of the implementation of International Environmental Conventions with special reference to the three Framework Conventions on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification, as well as the oceans and seas (with special attention focused on the integrated Mediterranean-Black Sea) and the protection of flora and fauna, wildlife and the landscape; e) collaboration in common initiatives with the scientific community and with the Supreme Courts of different countries for identifying and monitoring, within their territory, cases of environmental damage for the purpose of their objective and proper description and their gradual restoration, in tune with the possible co-operation of companies interested in a truly sustainable model of development.

The registered office of the Foundation is located in Rome – Via Cardinal Pacca, 19. According to organizing needs the Administrative Council could locate the Foundation in any other site in Rome, with no need for a formal statute’s change, except for the law registering at the competent Civil and Judiciaries offices.

The Foundation assets comprise of the money given by the constituent Bodies for a total amount of 66,000 € (sixty-six thousand Euro). The assets could be improved with annual supplies from the charter members, and with supplies from supporting members; Public, National, International, community Institutions, that share the aims of the FOUNDATION.

ART. 5 – REGISTRATION of new members
The Foundation gives the possibility of registration for public or private subjects, with a minimum annual contribution rate equal or higher to the one of the charter members. The registration could be formalized through an official communication to the Administrative Council and produces the right to participation to the same with the right of vote. The Board of Directors by majority, will deliberate about the new registrations.

Those public or private subjects who limit themselves to give financial contribution only for specific projects or initiatives, are not members of the Foundation but registered supporters without right to vote. Such registered supporters can not juridically commit the Foundation in external situations.

Organism of the Foundation are:
– Honorary President;
– Board of Directors
– Assembly meeting (members with or without right to vote);
– Scientific Committee;
– Honors Committee;

ART. 8 – Prof. Giovanni Conso is appointed as honorary President of the Foundation for his high moral and scientific skills.

ART. 9 – The Executive Board, from three to nine members, is composed by charter members and all those members who will be registered by the Foundation during the years .

ART. 10 – Waiver of Statute, Judge Amedeo Postiglione of the Supreme Court of Cassation it is confirmed as President of the Board of Directors until revocation or resignation. His charge is voluntary and for free.

ART. 11 – The Board of Directors will provide for the nomination of: a) a Scientific Committee made up of Italian and foreign persons, up to a maximum of 12 members. Representative of Bodies and subsidiary companies, are part of it de jure at the highest level. b) a Committee of Honor made up of Italian and foreign persons, up to a maximum of 12 members. c) an Auditor with the task to keep the accounts of the Foundation and the budget fulfillments of such accounts, giving a report to the Board of Directors every three months.

ART. 12 – The Organization Secretary, will be made up of persons to be chose according to modalities and time deliberated by the Board of Directors and according to the Foundation needs.

The annual budget is prepared by the Board of Directors and presented every year to the members Assembly for their approval.

ART. 14 – The Foundation, awaited its worthy aims, demands the establishment as Non-profit Organization.

ART. 15 – in connection with anything not expressly provided for in this agreement will be governed by the norms of the civil code about Foundations. Signed: Vincenzo Cappiello – Emanuele Santanderea – Camillo Pirozzi – Carlo Antonio Trojani, Notary