The contributions of this volume stem from an international conference held by ICEF in Venice (Italy), on 24 — 26 May 2007, which brought together jurists and experts, country delegates, representatives from the EU and the UN specialised bodies and the civil society to discuss possible ways to improve and strengthen the protection and the sustainable development of the interconnected Mediterranean and Black Sea ecosystems. Members of the judiciary and representatives of the competent ministries as well as experts and scholars from universities and research centres were requested to prepare national reports on the actual application, in their countries, of the regulations regarding the protection and sustainable develop-ment of these ecosystems. The exchange and comparison of data and experiences among the main actors involved in the protection of the environment at the national, regional and international levels, has allowed identifying priorities and best practices and the most effective strategies of prevention, monitoring and pollution emergency response.

BIAGINI Alfredo, BJALLAS Ulf, BRAUNOVIC Slavica, BULJAN Katarina, CARNELOS Angelica, CLAUDEL-RUSIN Astrid, CLINI Corrado, CONSO Giovanni, CORDINI Giovanni, CORRADINI Annalisa, COSTOPOULOS Vassili Th., COUSTEAU Francine, CZYBULKA Detlef, DEJEANT-PONS Maguelonne, DI MARCO Giuseppe, DORNER Dalia, DRUPSTEEN Thijs G., EXELL-PIRRO Deirdre, FANTILLI Patrizia, FRANCIONI Francesco, GALAN Giancarlo, GIANNIAlessandro, GOLITSYN Vladimir, GOSHOVSKA Tatiana V., GUIHAL Dominique, HEBERT Frederic, JIJIIE Carina Michaela, KADIOGLU Sedat, KIDEYS Ahmet, KRSIKAPA Majda, KUBLASHVILI Konstantine, KUSPILIC Grozdan, lAcl Sabri, LAVRYSEN Luc, LAWRENCE David Grant, MAGGIORE Angelo, MANCE Marijana A., MARCHISIO Sergio, MARTINOJA Desiree, MEZGHANI Ridha, MIFSUD Paul, MONTANARI Pinuccia, MONTI Lavinia, MOUMMI Saad, NERIO CARUGNO Giuseppe, ORAL Nilufer, PANARITI Narin, POSTIGLIONE Amedeo, PRATESI Fulco, PUGLISI Giovanni, RADCHENKO Victoria, RAICEVIC Miroslava, REED Robert, SCOVAllI Tullio, SIMSEK Tacettin, 1/1<RK Mirjam, SMYTH Thomas, SOMMA Roberto, SORSA Martina, STACIOKAS Stasys, STEC Stephen, TINELLI Celestina, VAN KLAVEREN Patrick, VIGLIOTTI Rosario, VLAVIANOS-ARVANITIS Agni, ZAVADSKY Ivan.

Author: Amedeo Postiglione (e.)
Pages: 928
ISBN: 978-2-8027-2570-1
Publisher: Bruylant
Release: 05/2008
Language: English