The contributions of this volume stem from an international Conference held in Rome, on 9 and 10 may 2003, on the initiative of ICEF, in co-operation with the Italian Council of the Judiciary, UNEP, OECD, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Italian Government, the Italian Constitutional Court, the Italian Supreme Court, the Italian Council of State, IUCN, the European Environmental Law Association, the International Court of Environmental Arbitration and Conciliation, the Cousteau Society, the Centre International de Droit Compare de l’Environnement and Biopolitics International. We believe that this material focusing on the implementation and enforcement of environmental law still bear an important significance.

CANIVET Guy, CARNWATH Robert, CONSO Giovanni, CORDINI Giovanni, CORDONIE SEGGER Marie-Claire, DEJEANT-PONS Miguelonne, DOLORES Graciela, EKLUND Jan, FULTON C. Scott, GOTZ Andreas, GRASSI Stefano, GUILLAUME Gilbert, GULMANN Claus, HASSAN Parvez, KERLIN Gilbert & Sarah, KISS Alexander, KREMLIS Georges, KURUKULASURIYA Lal, KUUSINIEMI Kari, LAVRYSEN Luc, LOPERENA Demetrio, MARCHISIO Sergio, MENOUDAKOS Constantinos, MULARONI Antonella, MULKEY E. Marcia, PASSOS de FREITAS Vladimir, PIGRETTI Eduardo, POSTIGLIONE Amedeo, PRIEUR Michel, REST Alfred, ROBINSON A. Nicholas, RUFFING Kenneth, SCANLON John, STEC Stephen, STEIN L. Paul, YEATER Marceil.

Author: Amedeo Postiglione (ed.)
Pages: 502
ISBN: 2802726455
Publisher: Groupe Larcier SA (Bruylant & Larcier)
Release: 12/2008
Language: English