Human rights and duties

Having focused on human rights to promote environmental value has proved to be a correct choice but much more difficult than expected.
Amedeo Postiglione talks about this topic in a book (in Italian language).

Environmental Governance and Sustainable Cities

International conference. Rome, City Hall, 20-21 April 2018

Is it time for an International Court for the Environment?

An interview with Amedeo Postiglione, director of the ICEF Foundation

In 2012, the ICEF Foundation organized a meeting in Rome in view of the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro. Objective: to stimulate Italy to promote the proposal to create a World Environment Agency and an International Court for the Environment.

Since 1988 ICEF has been working
on the environmental governance internationally.

ICEF (International Court of the Environment Foundation) is a non-profit NGO, created in 1988 by Amedeo Postiglione, Judge of the Italian Supreme Court. Since 1978 he was coordinator of the environmental Working Group: “Ecology and Territory”. The Foundation is internationally recognized and is accredited with the United Nations (ECOSOF and FAO) and with the European Council.


An International Court of the Environment and an International Environmental Agency to guarantee the human right to the environment for every citizen of the world.


Committed to environmental justice Since 1978, in 1988, Amedeo Postiglione, judge of the Italian Supreme Court, founded ICEF, the International Court of the Environment Foundation.


Publications and documents relating to ICEF research and promotion activities about environmental governance and environmental justice. In italian and english language.


For an International Agency of the Environment and an International Court of the Environment.
Environmental Governance, Civil Society Coalition, Women’s Forum, events.

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The Association “Amici dell’ICEF” gives the possibility to know at a scientific level the historical memory of the ICEF Foundation, making available all the material of its office, and to the new members will be given two books particularly interesting for the acknowledgement of the main issues of the Foundation.